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Our programs are group educational and cognitive behavioral training programs, taught online, by a team of experts committed to your success!

Gain peer support, accountability, and community from others in the online group setting with similar experiences and stories.

StriveMD Motivational Series

7 weeks for $315!

Strive is a series of group counseling meetings being held by both Dietitian Nancy Lum and Therapist Dawn O’Meally. Participants will have the benefit of receiving both nutrition counseling and psycho-educational therapy at the same time – at each and every meeting!

Food Addiction

On sale! 12 weeks for only $175!

Food addiction is a 12-week 90-minute program that takes a deep dive into understanding food addiction, the biological roots of food addiction, and the five levels of healing from food addiction. This program will teach you how to manage cravings, reduce stress and stress related calories.

Beck Diet Solution

9 weeks for $275!

The Beck Diet Solution is a 9-week, 90 minutes per week cognitive behavioral training group program that WILL change the way you THINK about eating and weight loss-forever. Beck provides a psychological approach to weight loss, not a food plan.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Weight Loss Patients

16 weeks for $315!

This program is an 16-week 90 minute per week book club group that will help participants set goals, improve relationships, and create a path to life effectiveness. Stephen Covey’s principles teach us personal leadership and the habits to become effective in our daily lives in every way.

Made to Crave

On Sale! 7 weeks for $175!

Satisfying your deepest desire with God Not Food is a 7-week 90-minute Christian program. When your life balance is off, the vices begin to take over all too easily. Food is one such vice, and is readily available, but it can be used as a sorry substitution for what is missing in our lives and our souls.

The Diet Trap Solution

On sale now for only $175!

Train your brain to lose weight and keep it off for good! You’ll learn how to create escape plans for these traps and much more.

Atomic Habits

9 weeks for $180!

Atomic Habits is a 9-week, 90 minute per week, fun and engaging book club group. Atomic Habits written by James Clear is a powerful book that explains how to create new habits in an entirely new way. It provides a revolutionary, proven system to get 1% better every day. This method creates a compounding effect, which grows into life altering outcomes.


13 weeks for $350!

CogniDiet is a 13-week 90-minute program geared towards women which teaches you how to rewire your brain, train your cravings, and change your life with new lifestyle habits. CogniDiet is an intensive clinically proven 13-week program with self-discovery tools and daily experiments to lose weight and get healthy naturally.

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