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The Diet Trap Solution

Train your brain to lose weight and keep it off for good!

You’ll learn how to create escape plans for these traps and much more.

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Whether you are new to losing weight or are a long term learner, this course will help you to identify and conquer the traps that are hindering you and holding your back.

These traps include:

  • emotional eating, stress, interpersonal relationships,
  • unreasonable rules you have for yourself regarding food,
  • excuses,
  • circumstances and social situations,
  • traveling,
  • holidays,
  • psychological traps like discouragement, no willpower trap, overburdened traps, I don’t care trap, self criticizer trap, numbing pain trap, I am entitled trap,
  • the food pusher trap, I’ve blown it trap, I’ve got off track and don’t know how to get on the restart track, and many more.

It is all about creating an Escape Plan for these traps and becoming an empowered overcomer!

Also included in this course by the facilitators are:

  • assessment tools (i.e. stress)
  • mindful eating logs
  • cost benefit analysis tool
  • behavior chains
  • what are your Big Rocks
  • the work
  • guardrails

If you participated in the Beck Diet Solution course and want to keep learning from Dr. Beck, this is a great part 2!

Required book:

The Diet Trap Solution, Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep it off for Good
Authors: Judith S. Beck, Ph.D and Deborah Beck Busis, LCSW

Create your escape plans!

The Diet Trap Solution

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