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Beck Diet Solution

The Beck Diet Solution is a 9-week, 90 minutes per week cognitive behavioral training group program that WILL change the way you THINK about eating and weight loss-forever.

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Beck provides a psychological approach to weight loss, not a food plan. This program is a very structured approach to the daily habits that are imperative for long term weight loss success and maintenance. During this 9-week program expect to be practicing new CBT skills every day to develop the long-term habits needed to be successful.


Some of the skills you will learn from the Beck Diet Solution Program are:

  • How to commit and follow a healthy eating plan
  • How to resist tempting foods
  • How to deal with trigger eating situations
  • How to conquer every excuse to overeat
  • How to put an end to emotional eating
  • How to respond to sabotaging thoughts
  • How to find time to exercise
  • How to build your confidence
  • How to set achievable goals
  • How to manage weight loss plateaus
  • How to prepare for the future
  • And so much more!


Required book for this online program:

The Beck Diet Solution Weight Loss Workbook, By Judith S. Beck, Ph.D.


Recommended reading for this online program:

The Beck Diet Solution Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person textbook, By Judith S. Beck, Ph.D.


Optional resource available to Beck participants:

Nancy Lum RDN provides a discounted rate to Beck participants for her 7 video educational series on Healthy Balanced Eating for the discounted rate of $50.00, normally $175.00.

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