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StriveMD Motivational Series

Strive is a 7 week 120 minutes per week, eye opening, innovative, one-of-a-kind CBT program that marries nutrition and psych together.

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An awareness is achieved through weekly structured education and training by Nancy and Dawn that ties together the direct behavioral outcomes caused by self-sabotaging and self-defeating thinking.


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Through your active participation in Strive, you will definitely learn the daily skills needed to correct the negative thinking habits that drive the unwanted behaviors and weight regain outcomes. You will be required to complete digital daily points logs to track your progress every day, as well as weekly mindful eating food log and mood assessments to measure your ongoing progress.

Strive is especially helpful for people who continue to lose and regain their weight, some of whom are now seeking to obtain bariatric revision surgery. Our Strive graduates consistently tell us that this was the game changer they needed to be successful. And if they had, taken Strive prior to their initial weight loss surgery, they would not have needed a revision.


Strive will enlighten you on:

  • The model of change
  • Where you really are in the change process
  • What is driving your food/exercise decisions
  • How to maneuver life’s situations and stay on track
  • Negative verses positive self-talk
  • How to overcome the excuses
  • How to create a future healthy vision for your mind and body


Workbook materials will be provided to you for this course.


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