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7 weeks for $315!

Strive is a series of group counseling meetings being held by both Dietitian Nancy Lum and Therapist Dawn O’Meally. Participants will have the benefit of receiving both nutrition counseling and psycho-educational therapy at the same time – at each and every meeting!

Food Addiction

12 weeks for $350!

Food addiction is a 12-week 90-minute program that takes a deep dive into understanding food addiction, the biological roots of food addiction, and the five levels of healing from food addiction. This program will teach you how to manage cravings, reduce stress and stress related calories.

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Lifestyle Habits

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Our events, both in-person and online, build a community of support to help everyone reach their goals, learn strategies and tricks, and achieve lasting results.

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We provide intensive research-based cognitive behavioral training programs in all three key areas to help you rewire and transform your brain to achieve your stated weight loss goals.

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