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December 2, 2022

By MBS Weight Loss

Welcome to our new website!

Dawn (Psych) & Nancy (Nutrition)- AKA psych and nut, are very excited to announce their new website www.MBSWeightLoss.com. This site will now house online dynamic, CBT (cognitive behavioral training) educational groups to empower people challenged with weight loss and weight regain with evidenced based tools and strategies.

Dawn (left) and Nancy (right).

The company is called STRIVEMD LLC. STRIVEMD was formed in 2005 by Nancy and Dawn due to the lack of support and education provided to post bariatric surgery and post weight loss program clients. From many years of working with clients as individual practitioners, Nancy and Dawn knew that clients were desperate for support and best practice CBT tools to combat the biggest issues with losing and maintaining weight loss including: battling the inner critic causing weight-related stress/shame/anxiety/depression/self-loathing/self-sabotaging thinking, and dealing head-on with the old, ingrained behavioral habits-all of which lead to the downward spiral and emotional/dysregulated eating.

Once they began working together, Dawn and Nancy quickly found that together they were much more powerful to help clients than separated. The feedback from almost a thousand people to date that have participated in Dawn and Nancy’s CBT groups have confirmed that having both professionals in the group room made all the difference by helping clients discover and tackle the underlying issues and reasons interfering with their weight loss to be able to change the trajectory of their journey with their weight.

Nancy and Dawn’s dream and mission is to teach clients there is a way out of their despair and repeated weight loss failures through education and CBT tools to finally overcome and reach their health and weight goals.

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